Deep Crate: An Event Apart 2015 Playlist

Relive the memories of An Event Apart 2015—or get in the groove for an upcoming show—with this year's music playlist.

Because web folk do not live by HTML alone, each year An Event Apart fashions a musical playlist to complement the educational stuff that takes place on our stage. And each year we publish that playlist on music sharing services, so attendees who want to rekindle AEA memories can hear the music again—whenever and wherever they want.

For 2015, we've dug deep into the crates, creating a strange little nine-plus-hour music mix that shouldn't work at all—but does.

From Coolio to Deodato, from Blackstreet to Badfinger, and from Brasil ‘66 to Beyoncé, there's something for everyone. Highlights include an instrumental version of The Chili Peppers's “Under The Bridge” by the Hackney Colliery brass band; a rare collaboration between Danger Mouse, MF DOOM, and Cee Lo Green; an out-of-print outing by French synthesist Jean Yves Labat (AKA M Frog) from the 1970s; and two brilliant Jay-Zee cameos.

So slap on those headphones, slip into those running (or dancing) shoes, and get down, get down with the AEA 2015 playlist.

Listen on Spotify or listen on Rdio. Enjoy!