Co-Design, Not Redesign, by Kevin M. Hoffman – An Event Apart Video

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Organizations continue to pile features and fixes onto the redesign process. Companies that overlooked mobile are making big changes in a panic, while those with designs suitable for any device aren't sure what to do next. One thing that won't change is that people crave easier, faster, and more widespread access to their information and tools.

In this 60-minute video captured live at An Event Apart Orlando: Special Edition, UX consultant Kevin M. Hoffman explains how service design thinking, lean approaches to user experience, and co-design processes offer an alternative to the money pit, and deliver experiences that delight your users.

Kevin M. Hoffman has been making great web design happen for 15 years, as a strategist, educator, and information designer. Beginning as a “webmaster” in public libraries and universities, he went on to lead web communications strategy at the University of Baltimore and MICA. He also taught a younger generation of web designers in both BFA and MFA design programs, introducing them to web standards before browsers introduced those same standards into their codebase. As the director of user experience at Happy Cog, he oversaw all aspects of project definition, information design, and content strategy for clients like Harvard University, Nintendo, MTV, and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Kevin currently provides strategic consulting and workshops to clients and agencies alike.

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