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From Josh Tuck:
The Event Apart 2016 - Day 1
The Event Apart 2016 - Day 2
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Speaker Links and Resources

Jeffrey Zeldman

24 ways: Grid, Flexbox, Box Alignment: Our New System for Layout by Rachel Andrew
24 ways: Putting My Patterns Through Their Paces by Ethan Marcotte
A List Apart: Understanding Progressive Enhancement by Aaron Gustafson
Atomic Design (blog post) by Brad Frost
Atomic Design (book, readable online) by Brad Frost
Content Display Patterns by Daniel Mall (
CSS-Tricks:  Complete Guide to Flexbox by Chris Coyier
CSS-Tricks:  A Complete Guide to Grid by Chris Coyier
CSS-Tricks: The Debate Around “Do We Even Need CSS Anymore?” by Chris Coyier
Designing With Web Standards (Wikipedia article)
Future-Friendly Manifesto
Fuzzy Notepad: Maybe we could tone down the JavaScript by “eevee”
Of Patterns and Power: Web Standards Then & Now by Jeffrey Zeldman (
Has Design Become Too Hard?
Position Wanted: Front-End Director

Yesenia Perez-Cruz

GQ Performance Case Study
Emotion & Design: Attractive things work better
Talk: Stefan Sagmeister “Beauty vs. Utility”
The Truth About Download Time
More Weight Doesn’t Mean More Wait
Walmart Performance Case Study
Obama for America Performance Case Study
Fast Enough
Designing Medium
7 Alternatives to Popular Web Typefaces for Better Performance
IBM “Good Design”
Creating Living Style Guides to Improve Performance

Jason Grigsby

Hololens Gestures
Leap Motion Oculus Rift tour
You cannot reliably detect a touch screen
Interactive touch laptop experiments
New Rule: Every Desktop Design Has To Go Finger-Friendly
jQuery Pointer Events Polyfill
Warby Parker Gyroscope Example
Lightsaber Escape Gyroscope Example
Generic Sensor API Draft
Web Cam Toy
HTML Media Capture and getUserMedia
Web Speech API Demonstration
Web Speech API Translation Demonstration
Web Bluetooth
Physical Web
Open Device Labs
Autofill: What web devs should know, but don’t

Stephanie Hay

Journey trailer
Animal crossing trailer
Ben & Jerry’s
Capital One on Alexa
“Make it Stick” book

Jen Simmons

Examples at
Jen’s on Twitter at @jensimmons
Listen to, especially episodes 115, 114, 81, & 9 for more on layout
Video of Jen’s talk on how to use new CSS now
Video of Jen’s talk, Modern Layouts: Getting Out of Our Ruts
A blog post by Manuel Rego that gets into the implicit and explicit grid, hinting at just how complicated CSS Grid Layout gets
Using Feature Queries in CSS
Round specification
Firefox Nightly

Val Head

The UI Animation Newsletter
Designing Interface Animation
Researching Design Systems
Integrating animation into the UX workflow
Design Doesn’t Scale
Pixar storyboards

Mat Marquis

Official ECMAScript Conformance Test Suite
“GQ cut its load time by 80%... traffic and revenue jump: #perfmatters” —Ilya Grigorik
“13% of Americans own a smartphone but don’t have home broadband – up from 8% in 2013 ” —Pew Research
Searching for Work in the Digital Era
U.S. Smartphone Use in 2015
“TIL @opera is bigger, by user count, than @twitter #wowzer #DOM15” —James Finlayson
Design for Real Life
loadcss: A function for loading CSS asynchronously
Mobile Analysis in PageSpeed Insights
Grunt wrapper for criticalcss
CSS Font Loading Module Level 3
fontfaceobserver: Font load events, simple, small and efficient
Critical Web Fonts
Responsive Images Now Landed In WordPress Core
grunt-perfbudget: Grunt task for Performance Budgeting
Inclusive Web Development

Rachel Andrew

Grid By Example
List of resources for AEA Chicago

Eric Meyer

Inadvertent Algorithmic Cruelty
Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman
1959 Chevrolet Bel Air vs. 2009 Chevrolet Malibu IIHS crash test
The World is Designed for Men
Flickr faces complaints over ‘offensive’ auto-tagging for photos
Google Photos labeled black people ‘gorillas’
“Edge case” tweet by Evan Hensleigh
Apple Adds Menstrual Cycle Tracking To HealthKit App
Performing a Project Premortem - Harvard Business Review
Design for Real Life
Patients Like Me
Voice and Tone
My Favorite Editing Tip: Read It Aloud by Kate Kiefer Lee
Forms That Work
Help, I’m Trapped in Facebook’s Absurd Pseudonym Purgatory

Josh Clark

Web APIs for sensor-based UI

The full list all W3C JavaScript APIs
Web speech (make/understand speech) (demo)
Web audio (make/understand sound)
Media capture (audio/video/photo)
Web bluetooth
Battery status
Ambient light

Other APIs and dev environments

Physical Web
IFTTT: If This Then That
Alexa Skills Kit for making Alexa apps
Wayfindr standard for beacon-based wayfinding
Open Hybrid for connected devices
Presto Android gesture control with smartwatch
Reality Editor augmented reality for connecting devices

Examples/videos from the talk

Nappy Notifier
Propeller Health asthma control
Amazon Echo
Amazon Dash button
Bluetooth buttons: and flic
Ringly notification ring
Lechal map shoes
Glowcaps medication reminder
Mailchimp Oliver (also: the whole series)
Lifeprint video photographs
THAW phone/screen interaction
Happy Together music transfer (github)
Presto smartwatch gesture control
Grab Magic tv/phone sharing
Reality Editor for connecting objects
Wink Robot Butler
Wayfindr subway navigation for the blind

Framing the imaginative opportunity

Of Nerve and Imagination by Josh Clark
Magical UX and the Internet of Things (video)
Enchanted Objects (book) by David Rose
Hazards of Prophecy (pdf) from Profiles of the Future by Arthur C. Clarke
The Future Mundane by Nick Foster
#IoTH: The Internet of Things and Humans by Tim O’Reilly

Ethics and values for the physical interface

IOT Design Manifesto: guidelines for responsible design
The Ethical Design Manifesto: a response to surveillance capitalism
The Coming Age of Calm Technology by Aral Balkan
The Nature of the Self in the Digital Age by Mark Weiser and John Seely Brown
Connected // Disconnected by Josh Clark
Wearables and Our Dysfunctinoal Obsession with Screens and Engagement
Living with the Algorithm by Josh Clark
Smartwatches, Wearables and that Nasty Data Rash by Josh Clark

Speculative fiction for potential futures

Curious Rituals
Teacher of Algorithms
TBD Catalog
How smart does your bed have to be, before you are afraid to go to sleep at night? by Rich Gold
Addicted Products: the story of Brad the toaster (video)
Ethical Things: a fan that makes moral choices
Black Mirror tv series (Netflix)