Celebrate the 14th Annual #BlueBeanie Day!

Today is the day thousands of web professionals wear a blue beanie (tuque, toque, hat, etc.) to show their support for accessible web content and the benefits it provides to all, regardless of physical ability or the device they use to access the internet.

Popularized by AEA co-founder Jeffrey Zeldman, the 14th annual Blue Beanie Day seeks to raise awareness of web design features such as progressive enhancement and accessible, semantic markup, and “fight Web Standards Apathy.” The origin of the name comes from the image of Jeffrey Zeldman on the cover of his book, Designing with Web Standards, wearing a blue toque.

It’s easy and fun to show your support for web design and development done right. Put on a blue beanie, snap a selfie, and post it to your blog and social media channels with the hashtag #BlueBeanieDay.