Cederholm in Seattle

Maybe you know him from Bulletproof Web Design and Web Standards Solutions, or from seeing him give great talks at conferences the world over. Maybe you’re a fan of his oenophile’s paradise, Cork’d. Maybe you’ve wanted to rub his shiny dome for luck. Regardless, Dan Cederholm is everyone’s favorite guy, and he’s bringing his talk “Implementing Design: Bulletproof A–Z” to our Seattle stage.

With rapid changes in the browser landscape, especially Firefox and Safari, Dan suggests it’s time to reevaluate the industry’s methodology and rethink the concept of delivering identical views in every browser. Using progressive enrichment, Dan believes that web designers and developers can take advantage of advanced CSS which works in modern browsers while degrading “nicely” in Internet Explorer.

“I’ve historically ignored newer technologies until they are ready for the mainstream,” says Dan, founder of SimpleBits LLC. “The speed of change in new browser versions has added more support for standards which haven’t even been completed yet! It’s never been a better time to experiment.”

It’s true that some controversy emanates from not displaying identical design details in every browser—specifically Internet Explorer 6. Dan opposes sticking to “perfect” visual parity, doing things the same way they have always been done, which he says means “the hard way.” His talk will inspire attendees to begin experimenting with CSS3 while embracing delivered content that looks different in different browsers yet maintains readability and functionality.

Web designers and front-end developers will truly benefit from Dan’s presentation and exploration of new practices for old standards. Dan is one of the smartest, most advanced, and yet most practical designer-developers out there. We never fail to learn from his presentations, which are as entertaining as they are enlightening, and we’re looking forward to having him back on our stage!

An Event Apart Seattle, featuring Dan Cederholm and 12 other superstars of web design and development, takes place on May 4-5 at the Bell Harbor International Conference Center. Seating is limited and our earlybird discount ends soon. Save
$100 when you register by April 6.