And Bingo Is Its Name, O!

All this year, we've been trying something new at An Event Apart: Conference Bingo! Attendees get a card full of squares containing statements like “Has hand-authored XML” or “Has seen the Dead Milkmen play live” and are encouraged to find another attendee (or speaker) who's done the things described in the squares. It's a handy way to break the ice with other attendees; plus, the first people to reach Bingo can win some nice prizes.

At An Event Apart DC this week, our Super Bingo winner was Adam Nekola. He wrote about the experience at Medium:

Networking has always felt a little awkward to me. What business do I have inserting myself into someone's conversation? Why would they be interested in what I have to say? When confronted with a crowd of people at a conference I suddenly felt like an inadequate adolescent, for unknown reasons.

Still, I've been determined to change that. After reading a post from about the tricks to network at a conference, I entered An Event Apart DC hoping for a change; what I got was conference bingo.

To read the rest of Adam's entertaining and honest story, check out “What I Learned From Conference Bingo” over at Medium. And once again, Adam, congratulations on being our Super Bingo winner!