An Event Apart Speakers Interviewed in Insites: The Book

Several of our favorite An Event Apart speakers are among those featured in Keir Whitaker and Elliot Jay Stocks's Insites: The Book, a collection of in-depth interviews published today by Viewport Industries in association with MailChimp.

Image: Elliot Jay Stocks

AEA speakers featured in the limited edition 256-page book include Sarah Parmenter (founder, You Know Who), Jim Coudal (founder, Coudal Partners), Ethan Marcotte (author, Responsive Web Design), Jason Santa Maria (creative director, Typekit and A Book Apart), Simon Collison (co-founder, New Adventures in Web Design), Dan Rubin (co-author, Web Standards Creativity), and An Event Apart co-founder Jeffrey Zeldman (Author, Designing With Web Standards). Moreover, co-author Elliot Jay Stocks is himself a popular AEA speaker!

Insites: The Book is an unusual and carefully designed collector's item: the foil-blocked outer box opens up to reveal a little black book, blind-embossed with the Insites logo mark. (You can preview the product on Flickr.) A digital edition in PDF, EPUB, and MOBI formats is also available—or you can buy the book and the digital edition together as a bundle.

It is wonderful to see such a beautiful and carefully wrought book dedicated to our profession, and to some of the people behind it, and we are thrilled to note how many of them are AEA speakers. If you've enjoyed hearing them share their wisdom on our stage, Insites: The Book presents a rare opportunity to learn more about them as people. Enjoy!