A Groove Apart: Ten Years of AEA in Playlist Form

We're celebrating ten years of An Event Apart with a very special playlist for 2016. “A Decade Apart” captures the glory and sweet sadness of time in flight, mixing dance floor hits from your grandmother's day with scorching tracks from the past decade and beyond. From punk to funk, hip-hop to disco, it's a journey of shared memories that keeps things moving between sessions of this year's An Event Apart conferences—and will inspire you whether you're burning up the track at your local running trail, or burning the midnight oil over your latest web project.

This playlist has a little bit of everything. From Iggy Pop to the O'Jays, Malcolm McLaren to Madlib, Nina Simone to Nick Lowe. Not to mention a trio of classics from the man who fell to earth: the late, great David Bowie. Whether you join us for one of this year's extraordinary events—including, by popular demand, a second helping of our famous three-day festival, Orlando: Special Edition at Walt Disney World—or just bop along at home via Spotify, “A Decade Apart” will keep you in the groove all year long.

So strap on those headphones, slip into your favorite running or dancing shoes, and get your ten-year groove on with “A Decade Apart.”