An Event Apart Online Together: Fall Summit

Join us for three days of leading-edge design, code, and content. Presented by 18 inspiring industry leaders, with special guests and more, all coming to a device near you October 26–28.

An Event Apart’s Online Together: Fall Summit brings you 18 essential topics for professionals who take their UX and front-end crafts seriously: inspiring, expert-led sessions filled with takeaways you can put into practice the moment you return to work. Each session is followed by a live moderated Q&A session with the speaker. Just imagine, 3 days of expert talks, community networking and sharing, and 6 months to re-watch the entire conference, wherever and whenever you want.

From crafting truly portable design systems to avoiding cognitive bias in our designs and strategies. From tackling the front-end challenges that come when we design with cross-cultural audiences in mind, to adopting design and development strategies that help fight climate change. Through inclusive design, accessible development, and content that works for your customers and your business; you will learn this and much more.

PLUS, the first 50 people to register will receive a collection of e-books written by some of the people speaking at Fall Summit.

Attending An Event Apart boosts your brain, inspires your creativity, and increases your value to your teammates, employers, and customers. Our Fall Summit is the ultimate AEA Online Together experience. Don’t miss out—register today!