An Event Apart Boston and Minneapolis Schedules Announced

Ready to sharpen your skills and deepen your insights into the work you love? The full, detailed agendas for our Boston (June 29-July 1) and Minneapolis (August 17-19) shows are now available. Join us and learn how to extend design systems in the browser, get new perspective on working in diverse teams, see where layout is headed, and more.

In Boston, we’ll have…

  • Sara Soueidan, Applied Accessibility: Practical Tips for Building More Accessible Front-Ends
  • Cyd Harrell, High-Impact User Research
  • Cheryl Platz, Designing Beyond Websites: What is Dead May Never Die
  • Farai Madzima, Working Together in Diverse Teams
  • Jason Pamental, Getting Graphic: Reinventing Design with Type on the Web
  • Jen Simmons, Leveraging the Superpowers of Layout in 2020

…plus 12 more sessions, covering topics like career advancement, multi-modal design, and improving web performance.

And in Minneapolis, you can look forward to…

  • Mina Markham, The Mythology of Design Systems
  • Sarah Parmenter, User Preference Design
  • Jason Grigsby, Truly Portable Design Patterns
  • Derek Featherstone, Inclusive Design: Thinking and Doing
  • Una Kravets, Super-powered UI with CSS Houdini
  • Val Head, Truths and Myths About Animation in Our Work

…plus another 11 talks ranging from design ops to designing for the long term, and from polishing your soft skills to slowing users down to aid their comprehension.

Pick the show that’s best for you: peruse the detailed agendas, or do a quick comparison with our Schedule Comparator. Join our team, our speakers, and your colleagues for three days of code, design, and content, and fall in love with the web all over again. See you there!