AEA Video: Luke Wroblewski (author, Mobile First) – Mobile To The Future

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It's another Full-length Friday! In this 60-minute video caught live at AEA Boston, Luke Wroblewski (Mobile First) explores multi-device design from the top down (desktop to mobile) and bottom up (using mobile to expand what's possible across all devices).

When something new comes along, it's common for us to react with what we already know: radio programming on TV, print design on web pages, and now web page design on mobile devices. But every medium ultimately needs unique thinking and design to reach its true potential. Through an in-depth look at several common web interactions, Luke outlines how to adapt existing desktop design solutions for mobile devices and how to use mobile to expand what's possible across all devices. You'll go from thinking about how to reformat your websites to fit mobile screens, to using mobile as way to rethink the future of the web.

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