AEA Video: Karen McGrane – ‘Adapting Ourselves to Adaptive Content'

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On this full-length Friday, we happily present 'Adapting Ourselves to Adaptive Content,' An Event Apart presentation by Karen McGrane, founder of Bond Art & Science. The session was captured live at An Event Apart Boston on June 18, 2012.

For years, we've been telling designers: the web is not print. You can't have pixel-perfect layouts. You can't determine how your site will look in every browser, on every platform, on every device. We taught designers to cede control, think in systems, embrace web standards. So why are we still letting content authors plan for where their content will “live” on a web page? Why do we give in when they demand a WYSIWYG text editor that works “just like Microsoft Word”? Worst of all, why do we waste time and money creating and recreating content instead of planning for content reuse? What worked for the desktop web simply won't work for mobile. As our design and development processes evolve, our content workflow has to keep up. Learn how to adapt to creating more flexible content.

An Event Apart Boston 2012 featured 12 great speakers and sessions, plus a full day workshop on designing for mobile and beyond. More videos will be posted here soon. An Event Apart will hold eight conferences in 2013. Attend the one nearest you, or pick a city you've always wanted to visit.

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