Luke Wroblewski

Speaker Spotlight: Luke Wroblewski

Luke Wroblewski has worked at eBay and Yahoo!, had a startup acquired by Twitter, written three popular design books, and made people all over the world see the mobile web and mobile design in a new light. He’ll bring his unique wisdom and humor to our stage throughout 2012, so we asked him what he’d be saying there as well as a few other questions.

Q. What’s the main takeaway from your talk?

My talk is titled Mobile to the Future for a simple reason. Starting with 30 years of desktop and 20 years of Web design isn’t going to unleash the real potential of mobile Web experiences. Yet that’s what most Web teams are doing because that’s what they know. Instead of looking backwards we need to look forward and build new experiences that take advantage of what mobile can really do. My talk is full of examples how.

Q. What’s a useful tip or trick you’ve learned in the last few months?

If you want to dictate an email or text message on your iPhone but don’t want to look odd in public, just tilt the phone up to your ear and the ambient light sensor will trigger voice recognition mode automatically. To anyone around you it will look like you just picked up and answered a phone call. Smooth…

Q. What professional website are you visiting most these days?

I visit TechMeme many times a day and have done so for years. It’s the best place I’ve found for keeping up with what’s happening in technology right now.

Q. Tell us something we don’t know about you.

My most visited places are coffee shops, mountain bike trails, and airports. In that order and priority.