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AEA Resources: Articles, Links, and Tools From An Event Apart San Francisco 2014

An Event Apart San Francisco is now in the history books. Look back at our 2014 finale by enjoying this list of links to related articles, media, and tools.


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Session Notes


Session notes for AEA San Francisco

Speaker-Related Links and Resources

Scott Jehl

Open-Source Projects from The Filament Group
shoestring.js — “A lightweight, simple DOM utility made to run on a tight budget.”
Responsible Responsive Design

Scott Berkun

Minimum/Maximum Note Taking For Conferences
Scott Berkun: How to Pitch an Idea
Scott Berkun: How to Convince Your Boss to Try New Things

Luke Wroblewski

Mo’ Pixels, Mo’ Problems - Dave Rupert

Jeremy Keith

Things You Cannot Unsee (and What They Say About Your Brain) by Alexis Madrigal
The Heliocentric View of the Solar System by Nicolaus Copernicus
On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin
Information Management: A Proposal by Tim Berners-Lee
A Dao Of Web Design by John Allsopp
Designing With Web Standards, 3rd Edition, by Jeffrey Zeldman with Ethan Marcotte
CSS Zen Garden by Dave Shea
How Buildings Learn by Stewart Brand
Shearing Layers
Ship of Theseus
Architectural Design Values
An Essay on W3C’s Design Principles by Bert Bos
Progressive Enhancement is still important by Jake Archibald
Sigh, JavaScript by Dan Mall
How many people are missing out on JavaScript enhancement? by Peter Herlihy
Government Service Design Manual
Postel’s Law
What The Web Is And Is Not by Joe Hewitt
“Sites” vs “Apps” by Chris Coyier
World Wide Web, The Project by Tim Berners-Lee
Do Websites Need To Look The Same In Every Browser? by Dan Cederholm
Cutting The Mustard by Responsive News
The Pastry Box by Scott Jehl
Support vs. Optimization by Brad Frost
Future Friendly
Line Mode Browser

Mike Monteiro

You’re My Favorite Client

Josh Clark

The Multi-Device Landscape

The new multi-screen world study
People swap devices 21 times an hour
Sequential Messaging is Advertising’s Next Great Leap Forward
In praise of boring objects
Putting magic in the mundane
Apple iOS 8 Continuity
Apple Carplay and Android Auto
Android Wear
Android Nearby

Code and Software Prototypes

Happy Together: tap music, maps, URLs, photos, text from phone to computer: (video on Vimeo) | (source code on Github)
Grab Magic: (video on Youtube)  | (video on TED)
Chess via WebRTC
Google Deep Shot

Devices and Services

Myo Armband
Leap Motion
LG HomeChat
Internet-enabled Crock-Pot (!!)

Chris Coyier

CSS-TRICKS “How to Use SVG”—A wonderfully huge compendium of rich SVG info. Link after link after link after link of linky SVG goodness, curated by Mr. Coyier himself. Give yourself a few hours to enjoy, and dive in!

Jeffrey Zeldman

Understanding Web Design
Art Directors Club: Global Awards and Club
Stanford White Murder
Stanford White
Murder of the Century
Kindle Edition: Ragtime (novel by E.L. Doctorow)
Wikipedia: Ragtime (novel by E.L. Doctorow)
Webby Awards
1997 Interview with Tiffany Shlain (
The Web at 25 (W3C)
Milton Glaser Bob Dylan (Google saved search)
Milton Glaser
Typedia: A Shared Encyclopedia of Typefaces
Rosewood (font) - Typekit
Louis Armstrong
Miles Davis (official site)
Miles Davis (Wikipedia)
John Coltrane