AEA Resources: Hot Links From An Event Apart Boston

As An Event Apart Boston wraps, and we gear up for An Event Apart San Diego next week, it gives us pleasure to share some of the helpful reviews, summaries, notes, and web links created by folks who attended An Event Apart Boston. Share these resources with colleagues and friends, and keep your eyes peeled for our coming Resources section.

P.S. If you’re attending An Event Apart San Diego next week, and you take notes on what you learn, please share them with us and we’ll make sure to post them to the San Diego resource list after the event!



An Event Apart Boston 2014 Photo Group


Twitter: #aeabos Hashtag

Seen Beta

An Event Apart Boston 2014—Seen Twitter Recap

Summaries and Reviews

Gary Schroeder

Mall and Wroblewski Sketch Notes
Zeldman and Parmenter Sketch Notes

Luke Wroblewski

Jeffrey Zeldman: Understanding Web Design
Sarah Parmenter: Designing with Data
Daniel Mall Responsive Web Design is Easy/Hard


An Event Apart Boston Day 1

Shanfan Huang

Conference Recap
Lea Verou: The Chroma Zone
Josh Clark: Mind the Gap – Designing in the Space Between Devices
Luke Wroblewski: Screen Time
Daniel Mall on Responsive Design
Paul Irish: Responsive Design on a Performance Budget
Bruce Lawson: Web+: Can the Web Win the War Against Native Without Losing its Soul?
Scott Berkun: How To Champion Ideas Back At Work

Jay R. Wintermeyer

Mobile design full-day session—Luke Wroblewski
Championing Ideas Back at Work—Scott Berkun
Can the Web Win the War Against Native Without Losing its Soul?—Bruce Lawson
Mind the Gap—Josh Clark
The Chroma Zone—Lea Verou
Design Performance Budget—Paul Irish
The Long Web—Jeremy Keith
Responsive Design is Still Hard/Easy!—Daniel Mall
Content Strategy for the Web—Kristina Halvorson
Screen Time—Luke Wroblewski
Designing Using Data—Sarah Parmenter
Understanding Web Design—Jeffrey Zeldman

Justin Hastings

Conference Recap

Lousie Au Yeung

Conference Notes

Nathan Lavertue

AEA Boston Conference Recap

Josh Dick

Conference Recap

Jeff Fox

Notes on AEA Boston Day 1

Lindsay Hutchison

All sessions

Danielle Amaral-LeBlanc

Things I Learned at An Event Apart

Additional Resources

Scott Berkun

Minimum/Maximum Note Taking For Conferences

A List Apart

Mo’ Pixels, Mo’ Problems - Dave Rupert
Responsive Images and Web Standards at the Turning Point - Mat Marquis
Responsive Images and How They Almost Worked - Mat Marquis

Keep Learning, Keep Dreaming

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