AEA Resources: Articles, Links, and Tools From An Event Apart Seattle 2015

An Event Apart Seattle has ended—but the educational opportunities linger on.

An Event Apart Seattle has ended—but the educational opportunities linger on.


A Feed Apart An Event Apart Facebook An Event Apart Google+ @aneventapart Twitter feed Twitter Search: #aeasea (AEA Seattle) hashtag Eventifier: An Event Apart Seattle 2015 A list of lovely sketchnotes by Kong Wee Pang An Event Apart: Key Takeaways from a Web Designer by Stephanie Stimac 7 Things I learned from An Event Apart, Seattle 2015 by Jed

Speaker Links and Resources

Brad Frost

Atomic Design: The Book

Tim Brown


@nicewebtype Typekit: Source Sans Typekit: Adelle Marcin Wichary: Death to Typewriters


Dan Mall on performance budgets “Performance is the new validation.” — Jeremy Keith @ 33:36 Nathan Ford: Adventures in Dynamic Subsetting Font Family Reunion compatibility tables Typekit blog: Custom language subsetting options 8 Faces issue #8 Bram Stein on font loading at Webfontday @ 9:29 Spritz reading Luke Wroblewski: Switch between reading and listening Walter Ong: Orality and Literacy


Method of Action: Kerntype, by Mark MacKay John Downer's Proportions and Hierarchies workshop Tobias Frere-Jones Typekit Practice: Selecting typefaces for body text, by Tim Brown Typekit Practice: Getting the most out of type specimens, by Aura Seltzer A Book Apart: On Web Typography, by Jason Santa Maria Typographica: Type Reviews Klim Type Foundry: Design Information The State of Web Type, by Bram Stein The Shape of Design, by Frank Chimero Flippant, by Nathan Ford Clay in a Potter's Hand, an essay by Jan Tschichold


Five Simple Steps: A Pocket Guide to Combining Typefaces, by Tim Brown Fonts In Use Ethan Marcotte: Sizing the legible letter Chris Coyier: Font size idea Modular Scale calculator, by Scott Kellum and Tim Brown Molten Leading Inside Paragraphs, by Cyrus Highsmith Single-direction margin declarations, by Harry Roberts Deriving layout from your typeface, by Nathan Ford


Setting type with Sass maps, by Robin Rendle Susan Robertson: Creating a type style guide Typecast Progressive enhancement matrix Font events at Typekit Type rendering mix


Bret Victor, Inventing on Principle Universal Typography demo, by Tim Brown

Samantha Warren

The Accessible Icon Project Olek Banksy Invader Story Maps Style Tiles Style Tiles and How They work Using keynote for prototyping Using Macaw for prototyping Tracking time with Harvest Sharing Docs in Google Apps Sharing with Slack

Jeremy Keith

Things You Cannot Unsee (and What They Say About Your Brain) by Alexis Madrigal Mondegreens The Heliocentric View of the Solar System by Nicolaus Copernicus On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin Information Management: A Proposal by Tim Berners-Lee A Dao Of Web Design by John Allsopp Designing With Web Standards, 3rd Edition, by Jeffrey Zeldman with Ethan Marcotte CSS Zen Garden by Dave Shea How Buildings Learn by Stewart Brand Shearing Layers Ship of Theseus Architectural Design Values An Essay on W3C's Design Principles by Bert Bos Progressive Enhancement is still important by Jake Archibald Sigh, JavaScript by Dan Mall How many people are missing out on JavaScript enhancement? by Peter Herlihy Government Service Design Manual Postel's Law What The Web Is And Is Not by Joe Hewitt “Sites” vs “Apps” by Chris Coyier World Wide Web, The Project by Tim Berners-Lee Do Websites Need To Look The Same In Every Browser? by Dan Cederholm Cutting The Mustard by Responsive News The Pastry Box by Scott Jehl Support vs. Optimization by Brad Frost Future Friendly Line Mode Browser

Jen Simmons

The Web Ahead Demo for this talk Code for this talk Space Jam Microsoft's 1994 homepage BBC News Politics 97 The September Issue Can I Use Adobe's CSS Shapes Gallery at CodePen CSS Shapes Extension for Chrome Tutorial on how to use the CSS Shapes Extension by Razvan Caliman (who created it) The Web Ahead 81: Changing the Shapes with Sara Soueidan Vote for Shapes - Microsoft Vote for Shapes - Mozilla Microsoft's Resource for Knowing What Works Now Jen's Experiment with Viewport Units CSS Trick's Complete Guide to Flexbox Flexbox running on Chrome Dev Site Rachael Andrew on CSS Grid Mark Boulton on The Web Ahead Nathan Ford's article on layout Gridset Karen McGrane's Adapting Ourselves to Adaptive Content Bill Cunningham New York

Jason Grigsby

Can I Use: Picture

Coyote catches the Road Runner!
A framework for discussing responsive images solutions
Use Cases and Requirements for Standardizing Responsive Images
How the Browser Pre-loader Makes Pages Load Faster
Srcset and sizes
Don't use <picture> (most of the time)
When to use <picture> for resolution switching
Using WEBP/JPEG 2000/JPEG-XR/APNG Now With Picturefill and Modernizr
image-set(): The Forgotten Responsive Images Spec
Can I Use: image-set
MDN <resolution>
Retina Display Media Query
Sensible jumps in responsive image file sizes
Drupal 8 Picture Module
WordPress RICG Responsive Images Plugin
Spreadsheet of image resizing services
Responsive Images in Practice
Built-in Browser Support for Responsive Images
Native Responsive Images

Kevin M. Hoffman

Play Nintendo

Understanding Context by Andrew Hinton
Accelerate! by John Kotter
Livia Labate on the Marriott Responsive Redesign, Responsive Design Podcast
Ryan Shafer on the MTV Responsive Redesign, Responsive Design Podcast (launches on April 6, 2015)
The Future is Podular by Dave Gray
Interviewing Users by Steve Portigal
Humble Inquiry by Edgar Schien
Meetings: The Canary in the Culture Coal Mine by Kevin M. Hoffman
The Value Proposition Design Canvases and Companion
New DOT Rules Make Flying Easier for Passengers with Disabilities

Kate Kiefer Lee

Nicely Said Voice and Tone (MailChimp) Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions Nonviolent Communication by Marshall B. Rosenberg Vernacular Eloquence by Peter Elbow Editorially's terms of service, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license Automattic's terms of service, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license MailChimp's legal policies Macmillan Cancer Support Gov.UK's style guide