AEA Resources: Articles, Links, and Tools From An Event Apart Chicago 2015

An in-progress compendium of links, resources, and information from the speakers at An Event Apart Chicago.


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Speaker Links and Resources

Cassie McDaniel


"The Quiet Death of the Major Relaunch" by Jared Spool "Personality in Design" by Aarron Walter Morecambe and Wise sketch Son House "Grinnin in your face" Stephen Colbert's heartfelt send off for Jon Stewart

Design singularity

"The modern internet sucks: Bring back Geocities" by Owen Williams "Make art, not gloss" by Jonathan Libov "The Singularity of Design" by Ryan Scherf "The Dribbblisation of Design" by Paul Adams "Has Visual Design Fallen Flat?" by Emett Connolly

Cameron Moll

Kevin Spacey speaking at Edinburgh TV Festival ‘Ish' by Brad Frost The fastest-growing mobile phone markets barely use apps Google: The New Multi-Screen World Study Mail to Self iOS extension No one's forgotten how to pinch and zoom Switching Between Devices Normal for 40% of U.S. Web Users [Facebook Study] Web Apps & Web Views

Jen Simmons

The Web Ahead Demo for this talk Code for this talk The Original Space Jam Microsoft's 1994 homepage BBC News Politics 97 The September Issue Can I Use Adobe's CSS Shapes Gallery at CodePen CSS Shapes Extension for Chrome Tutorial on how to use the CSS Shapes Extension by Razvan Caliman (who created it) The Web Ahead 81: Changing the Shapes with Sara Soueidan Vote for Shapes - Microsoft Vote for Shapes - Mozilla Opera Mini Multicolumn layout in the wild: Tim Berner's Lee article "Judy Blume Knows All Your Secrets," NYTimes Magazine Cover Sheet example Jen's Experiment with Viewport Units CSS Trick's Complete Guide to Flexbox Flexbox running on Chrome Dev Site Rachael Andrew on CSS Grid Mark Boulton on The Web Ahead Nathan Ford's article on layout Gridset Karen McGrane's Adapting Ourselves to Adaptive Content Bill Cunningham New York

Karen McGrane

The Immobile Web Google is preparing for screenless computers Google Glass UI Guidelines The Ultimate Internet Toaster Make your selfie the perfect breakfast! WCM is for Losers Creation Myth Ted Nelson's Computer Paradigm, Expressed as One-Liners Why cards are the future of the web Jared Stoneberg and The Lark Cookbook The leaked NY Times Innovation Report The solutions to all our problems may be buried in PDFs that nobody reads The Battle for the Body Field Content Modelling: A Master Skill Content Modeling Series by Cleve Gibbon Deblobbing your chunks: Building a flexible content model

Ethan Marcotte

More information about Pando, and its future

Chris Coyier's guide to flexbox
Philip Walton's library of common layout patterns “solved” by flexbox
The Illusion of Life, by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston. (Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston's official site is worth your time, too.)

Val Head

To Keep Up On Web Animation and Motion Design

The UI Animation Newsletter

To Read Up on Classic Animation Principles

The Illusions of Life Book The Animator's Survival Guide TED-Ed video - The art of timing and spacing

Helpful research, examples, tools and articles

UI Animation and UX: A Not-So-Secret Friendship Neilson Group on Animation and Usability Google Web Fundamentals - Choosing the right easing Flip your animations - Paul Lewis Motion & Meaning Ep 4: Playing Director with Choreography IBM's Machines in Motion Meaningful Transitions

A Few Sources For Inspiration

Art of The Title All The Right Moves Use Your Interface

Gerry McGovern

Which Test Won What Really Matters: Focusing on Top Tasks The Core Model: Designing Inside Out for Better Results

Chris Coyier

A Compendium of SVG Information