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Speaker Links and Resources

Jon Hicks

Iconic (Icon Set)
Design process of the Githib Icon Font ‘Octicons’
Optimizing UI icons for faster recognition
The Noun Project
Spotify Icon Set
Sketch App
Color Emoji in Windows 8.1—The Future of Color Fonts?
Glyphs App
@font-face web font research
Bulletproof Accessible Icon Fonts
SVGO-GUI (SVG Optimiser)
Lonely Planet Icon Process
The Icon Handbook

Josh Clark

Magic and Technology

Hazards of Prophecy from Profiles of the Future by Arthur C. Clarke
Alan Kay’s 1982 seminar at Creative Think
Enchanted Objects by David Rose
Deeper insights into the 7th mass media channel (mobile) by Tomi Ahonen
In Search of Objects by Benedict Evans
The Muse of the Future Is Here by Robinson Meyer

Mobile and Sensor-Driven UI

Mobile First by Ben Thompson
Word Lens and Google Translate
Nappy Notifier by Huggies

Too Many Screens

Study: average daily smartphone use is over 3 hours
Study: attention drops if smartphone simply visible nearby
Way Out animated film
Understanding Apple Watch with Jen Simmons and Josh Clark

Magical interaction products/projects

Grab Magic
Happy Together
Neiman Marcus “Memory Mirror”; related CBS news story
Rebecca Minkoff interactive mirror
Dorothy Project and flic magic buttons
Snapshot by Progressive Insurance
Propeller Health (formerly Asthmapolis)
ARES military sand table
“Smart Dumb Things” by Argo Design
Room/E by Frog Design
THAW by MIT’s Tangible Media Lab
ColorUp lamp
Vessyl and Colbert Report
Baidu’s smart chopsticks
Withings Activité
Mailchimp’s Six Monkeys project
SyFy Sync’s Sharknado experience and the similar Netflix Hue hack
Mega Stomp Battle
Amazon Dash Button

Designing for Pre-Attention

Wikipedia: pre-attentive processing
Smart Watches, Wearables, and That Nasty Data Rash by Josh Clark

The Human Element

How smart does your bed have to be, before you are afraid to go to sleep at night? by Rich Gold
Wikipedia: Mechanical Turk automaton chess player
#IoTH: The Internet of Things and Humans by Tim O’Reilly
Of Nerve and Imagination by Josh Clark

Services and resources

The challenge for web designers in 2015 (or how to cheat at the future) by Richard Pope. A great collection of emerging browser APIs.

Also, you can totally get your very own magic-wand remote at The Wand Company.

Mat Marquis

Responsive Images

Smarter Icons

Faster Websites

Critical CSS

Deferred Loading of WebFonts

Setting a Perf Budget

Ethan Marcotte

More information about Pando, and its future
Chris Coyier’s guide to flexbox
Philip Walton’s library of common layout patterns “solved” by flexbox
The Illusion of Life, by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston. (Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston’s official site is worth your time, too.)

Rachel Andrew

My site with all of the examples shown and more
Latest Working Draft
Editor’s Draft
Grid posts on www-style
enable support for Grid Layout in browsers
an article covering the initial IE implementation
Examples from Igalia who are doing the Blink and Webkit implementation
Polyfill for the current Grid Layout specification
Post from Manuel Rego Casasnovas, who works at Igalia and is involved in implementing Grid in Chrome and Blink. How the spec evolved in 2014.
another post detailing the current status of the browser implementation

Brad Frost

Atomic Design: The Book

Chris Coyier

A Compendium of SVG Information