AEA Resources: Articles, Links, and Tools From An Event Apart Austin 2015

An in-progress compendium of links, resources, and information from the speakers at An Event Apart Austin.


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Speaker Links and Resources

Yesenia Perez-Cruz

HTTP Archive Grunt Performance Budget How to make a Performance Budget  by Dan Mall Designing for Performance  by Lara Hogan More Weight Doesn’t Mean More Wait  by Scott Jehl WebPageTest ImageOptim

Jen Simmons

The Web Ahead Demo for this talk Code for this talk The Original Space Jam Microsoft's 1994 homepage BBC News Politics 97 The September Issue Can I Use Adobe's CSS Shapes Gallery at CodePen CSS Shapes Extension for Chrome Tutorial on how to use the CSS Shapes Extension by Razvan Caliman (who created it) The Web Ahead 81: Changing the Shapes with Sara Soueidan Vote for Shapes - Microsoft Vote for Shapes - Mozilla Opera Mini Multicolumn layout in the wild: Tim Berner's Lee article "Judy Blume Knows All Your Secrets," NYTimes Magazine Cover Sheet example Jen's Experiment with Viewport Units CSS Trick's Complete Guide to Flexbox Flexbox running on Chrome Dev Site Rachael Andrew on CSS Grid Mark Boulton on The Web Ahead Nathan Ford's article on layout Gridset Karen McGrane's Adapting Ourselves to Adaptive Content Bill Cunningham New York

Cameron Moll

Kevin Spacey speaking at Edinburgh TV Festival ‘Ish' by Brad Frost The fastest-growing mobile phone markets barely use apps Google: The New Multi-Screen World Study Mail to Self iOS extension No one's forgotten how to pinch and zoom Switching Between Devices Normal for 40% of U.S. Web Users [Facebook Study] Web Apps & Web Views

Karen McGrane

The Immobile Web Google is preparing for screenless computers Google Glass UI Guidelines The Ultimate Internet Toaster Make your selfie the perfect breakfast! WCM is for Losers Creation Myth Ted Nelson's Computer Paradigm, Expressed as One-Liners Why cards are the future of the web Jared Stoneberg and The Lark Cookbook The leaked NY Times Innovation Report The solutions to all our problems may be buried in PDFs that nobody reads The Battle for the Body Field Content Modelling: A Master Skill Content Modeling Series by Cleve Gibbon Deblobbing your chunks: Building a flexible content model

Ethan Marcotte

More information about Pando, and its future

Chris Coyier's guide to flexbox
Philip Walton's library of common layout patterns “solved” by flexbox
The Illusion of Life, by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston. (Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston's official site is worth your time, too.)

Lara Hogan


Google, Amazon case studies HTTP Archive's "Interesting Stats" average breakdown of assets Reducing image sizes (blurring JPEG study) Semantics/repurposability clean up study Battery life consumption study Mobile-only internet usage Taming the Mobile Beast Seth Walker's A Public Commitment to Performance Brad Frost's Performance as Design

Tools and Techniques

WebPageTest ImageOptim ImageOptim CLI Wordpress plugin SVG scrubber and another one SmushIT FontSquirrel Font Generator Picturefill Tutorial on creating videos of web performance

Jason Grigsby

Responsive Images 101


Img Required
Srcset Display Density
Srcset Width Descriptors
Picture Element
CSS Images Image breakpoints Conclusion

Additional explanations and background

Responsive Images in Practice

Built-in Browser Support for Responsive Images
Native Responsive Images
Don’t use <picture> (most of the time)
When to use <picture> for resolution switching
How the Browser Pre-loader Makes Pages Load Faster
Who initiates image downloads?
Can I Use: Picture
Using WEBP/JPEG 2000/JPEG-XR/APNG Now With Picturefill and Modernizr
Can I Use: image-set
Sensible jumps in responsive image file sizes

Tools and resources


Drupal 8 Picture Module
WordPress RICG Responsive Images Plugin
Spreadsheet of image resizing services

Brad Frost

Atomic Design: The Book

Matt Haughey

Support at Slack

Jeremy Keith


The Victorian Internet by Tom Standage, 01998 Where Wizards Stay Up Late: The Origins of the Internet by Katie Hafner, 01996 Weaving the Web by Tim Berners-Lee, 01999 The Fountains of Paradise by Arthur C. Clarke, 01979


On Distributed Communications by Paul Baran, 01964 Transmission Control Protocol by Jon Postel, 01980 WorldWideWeb: Proposal for a HyperText Project by Tim Berners-Lee, 01990 The Rise of the Stupid Network by David S. Isenberg, 01997 Delay-Tolerant Networking Architecture by Vint Cerf, et al, 02007 There is a Horse in the Apple Store by Frank Chimero, 02010


Submarine Cable Map by Telegeography Everyone Has JavaScript, Right? by Stuart Langridge Government Service Design Manual Introduction to Service Worker by Matt Gaunt The Offline Cookbook by Jake Archibald

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Further reading

Grade components, not browsers by Scott Jehl, 02013 Building for the device agnostic web by Orde Saunders, 02013 Device-Agnostic by Trent Walton, 02014 Stop Breaking the Web by Nicolas Bevacqua, 02014 The Practical Case for Progressive Enhancement by Jason Garber, 02015 Let Links Be Links by Ross Penman, 02015 Thriving in Unpredictability by Tim Kadlec, 02015 Designing with Progressive Enhancement by Jason Garber, 02015 A fictional conversation about progressive enhancement by Tom Morris, 02015

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