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AEA Resources: Articles, Projects, and Polyfills From An Event Apart San Diego 2014

An Event Apart San Diego 2014 has entered the history books. Use the show-related resources listed here to keep track of what you learned, and keep on learning new things. Feel free to share these resources with coworkers and friends.

P.S. If you attend An Event Apart DC, and you take notes on what you learn, share them with us and we'll make sure to post them to the AEA DC resource list after the event.



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Presentation-Related Articles and Projects

Jason Grigsby Presentation Related

Compuware APM Compuware Performance Management Real World Responsive Web Design Performance, Take 2 Brad Frost: Mobile-First Responsive Web Design Respond.js on Github—a fast and light polyfill for min/max-width CSS3 Media Queries (for IE 6-8 and more) Jeremy Keith: Windows mobile media queries Github: Hilament Group: Ajax Include Pattern Cloud Four Blog: Off-Canvas Menu Plugin Cloud Four Blog: Behavioral Breakpoints Cloud Four Blog: A framework for discussing responsive images solutions A List Apart: Mat Marquis: Responsive Images — How They Almost Worked And What We Need Eric Portis: Srcset and sizes Scott Jehl: Picturefill Polyfill Smashing Magazine: Picturefill 2.0 – Responsive Images and the Perfect Polyfill Scott Jehl: Picturefill: User Prefs Filament Group: Compressive Images Retina Revolution Github: a-font-garde Leaving Pixels Behind: A Workflow for Designers (slide presentation) Sitepoint: Accessible SVG Tips Cloud Four Blog: Media Queries in SVG Images Cloud Four Blog: Eight Guidelines and One Rule for Responsive Images

Jeremy Keith presentation related

Design Principles Building For The Device Agnostic Web

Jenn Lukas presentation related

Codepen: Chris Coyier: Bookmarklet to make the text between 45 and 75 characters turn red Helpful Links for Successful Web Typography

Brad Frost presentation related

About Patternlab

Kate Kiefer Lee presentation related

Voice and Tone

Tim Brown presentation related

Typekit Practice – lessons on specific topics or methods in the practice of typography Reading Edge Fonts

Kate Kiefer-Lee presentation related

Nicely Said Voice and Tone (MailChimp) Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions Nonviolent Communication by Marshall B. Rosenberg Vernacular Eloquence by Peter Elbow Editorially's terms of service, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license Automattic's terms of service, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license MailChimp's legal policies Macmillan Cancer Support Gov.UK's style guide

Notes from Attendees and Speakers

Luke Wroblewski

Jason Grigsby Josh Clark Jeremy Keith Kate Kiefer Lee

Jim Krill


Doug Hanke


Conan Heiselt

Sketchnotes for AEA SanDiego

Keep Learning, Keep Dreaming

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