Aarron Walter & Whitney Hess on The UX Intern

Two of our favorite An Event Apart speakers are featured on The UX Intern, a monthly internet radio show featuring seasoned user experience designers who get interviewed from the perspective of a UX intern. That intern's name is Wesley Noble, who created the show. He tweets at @theuxintern and he is adorable. He is also a heck of a good interviewer.

AEA speaker Whitney Hess, featured in Episode 5/12, shares her thoughts on the importance of UX mentors (and how to find a mentor). She also talks candidly about conference fears, personality types, and Twitter. Whitney leads an international user experience consultancy called Vicarious Partners, and is the author of the popular blog Pleasure and Pain. Her life's mission is to put humanity back into business.

AEA speaker Aarron Walter, featured in Episode 3/12, talks about how he got started in his design career, his role at Mailchimp, and this year's massive Mailchimp redesign. Aarron also offers excellent and encouraging advice to those pursuing a UX job or internship. Aarron Walter is the director of User Experience at MailChimp, and the author of Designing for Emotion, the purple stripe in the rainbow of knowledge from A Book Apart.

Both episodes may be found at theuxintern.com. You can also subscribe on iTunes. Happy listening!

Whitney Hess will be a featured speaker at An Event Apart DC and An Event Apart Austin.

Aarron Walter will be a featured speaker at An Event Apart Austin and An Event Apart San Francisco.