A Tale of Two Cities: A Decade Apart Continues in DC & Chicago

Hone your skills during three days of design, code, and content with the sharpest minds in web and interaction design.

Image: Jeffrey Zeldman

Whether you attend An Event Apart DC on July 25–27 or An Event Apart Chicago on August 29–31, you'll spend two days learning from twelve masters of web design, development, and strategy: people like Lara Hogan on designing for performance, Val Head on designing meaningful animation, Jen Simmons on real art direction on the web, and Jeffrey Zeldman on designing with web standards in 2016. Every AEA speaker is at the top of their game; each session is essential to modern web design and development.

Following An Event Apart DC comes A Day Apart DC: Responsive Web Design: Content, Code, and Collaboration, a full-day deep dive into everything that's required to launch a successful responsive site or service—led by the two people who know the subject best: Ethan Marcotte (author, Responsive Web Design) and Karen McGrane (author, Content Strategy for Mobile). Ethan invented responsive web design (premiering it on the AEA stage), and his popular book on the subject is a bible of modern design. Karen advocates truly device-independent content in her book. Together, they'll help you understand the full scope of what's involved in making a responsive project go smoothly.

And following An Event Apart Chicago comes A Day Apart Chicago: Atomic Design: Process & Patterns, a full-day session led by Brad Frost. Style guides, design systems, and pattern libraries provide solid ground for us to stand on as we tackle the increasingly diverse and fast-moving web landscape. This full-day session will tackle all that goes into making and maintaining successful interface design systems, including atomic design principles; selling pattern libraries to your clients, bosses, and teammates; a pattern-based process of creating modular interfaces; style guide maintenance over time; and flexible, innovative UI design patterns for tackling layout, navigation, images, data tables, and anything else you can include in an interface.

An Event Apart DC and An Event Apart Chicago are part of 2016's “A Decade Apart”—our tenth year of producing conferences for people who make websites. At every AEA conference this year, you'll experience special giveaways and events. And throughout the year, you can try your luck at winning A Decade Apart swag by following @aneventapart on Twitter and participating in our special giveaways on the tenth day of every month in 2016!

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