An Event Apart Partners With CFY for the Holidays

As we did in 2010 and 2011, An Event Apart has once again donated $5,000 to CFY (formerly Computers for Youth), a nationwide non-profit foundation that brings computers and digital learning to impoverished, at-risk students and their families and teachers. If you love children, and if you believe in the power of life-long learning to improve lives, supporting CFY's mission is the right thing to do.

An Event Apart is a conference by digital literates for digital literates. While we struggle to keep up with design and usability challenges in a multi-device world, there are families for whom even one digital, connected device is out of reach. CFY, together with its carefully curated online learning program, can make a huge difference.

The program changes lives. A 2011-2012 case study found that CFY's program had a big impact, particularly for struggling students. At the one high-poverty NYC school in the study, the percentage of 2011-12 sixth graders with learning disabilities who met or exceeded standards in math (testing at level 3 or 4) increased by 36%. This 36% increase was nine times the city-wide increase of 4%. In addition, the percentage of sixth graders with learning disabilities who had been far below standard (testing at level 1) decreased by 23% (from 23% to zero).

The holidays are a time to reflect. To be grateful. And to give. Please consider donating to CFY or the charity of your choice this holiday season.

Happy Holidays!

Jeffrey, Eric, Marci, and Toby