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Rachel Andrew

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You know a lot. But what don’t you know?

There’s more to web development than your toolchain. Your career needs you to:

  • Create products that work for people with different abilities, across different networks, browsers, and devices
  • Deliver appropriately focused content
  • Design experiences that engage and support your customer

You’ll learn all that, and more, at An Event Apart.

For 13 years An Event Apart has produced three days of design, code, and content for front-end professionals. We bring together 17 of the leading minds in UX, design, and development for three incredible days of inspiration, enlightenment, and education that will stick with you long after you’re back in the office. Plus, after the show we continue to support you with resources, news, and videos.

Give us three days, and we’ll fill you in on everything you’ve been missing.

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