Design Beyond Our Screens

Greetings, HackingUI followers! Thanks for dropping by. We’re An Event Apart (AEA), the premiere conference for digital and interaction designers of all stripes. We started out focused on the web, but like you, we’ve grown over the years to tackle more than just desktop designs. (In fact, it was on our stage that “Responsive Web Design” got its debut!)

In 2016, we learned about the explosion of both output and input channels, with Josh Clark’s talk “The Physical Interface” and Jason Grigsby’s “Adapting to Input.” Eric Meyer talked about the growing need to broaden our vision of who will use our work, and how, in “Compassionate Design.” And Cameron Moll explored what it means to think laterally across all these realms in his talk “Unified Design.” And that’s not even getting into the dozens of talks about animation, SVG, branding considerations, the coming CSS layout revolution, and so much more.

What’s Next

In 2017, we’ll keep learning about these new and radically different interaction methods, as well as the latest in design thinking, technology, and development. If you’re interested in how to create consistent, coherent experiences on the web, over Twitter, in Slack, and on our myriad devices, An Event Apart is the place to be. Just for checking us out, use the code AEAHACKUI to get $100 off a 2- or 3-day registration to any of our six 2017 shows.

To give you some sense of the quality of talks at AEA, check out Jen Simmons’s “Modern Layouts: Getting Out of Our Ruts” below, or peruse any of the dozens of free videos in our library.

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