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City after city, show after show, An Event Apart is the design and experience conference where ground-breaking techniques break first.

It's where people first heard of Responsive Web Design and learned to approach multi-device development “mobile first.” Where mission-critical techniques are mastered, and new ideas become industry-wide best practices.

An Event Apart brings together seventeen of the leading minds in UX, design, and development for two days of inspiration and enlightenment.

Each conference session builds on the one before it; each topic is essential to the practice of modern web design and development.

AEA blends a multi-disciplinary focus with a sharply focused, single-track curriculum. Whether you’re a designer, developer, strategist, or client, you’ll all learn in the same room at the same time, sharing the same revelatory ideas with your peers.

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“The name says it all. If you attend one conference a year, this is the one.”

Drew Robinson

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