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The event has ended, but the memories remain.

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  1. Arrival Day

  2. Early registration/Badge pick-up

    Avoid the check-in line Monday morning by checking in Sunday afternoon outside the conference hall. We’ll be fully staffed to get you checked in for the event, and to answer any questions you might have. Be the first to get all the goodies and breeze straight into the ballroom the next morning!

  1. Day 1

  2. Attendee Check-in/Badge Pick-up

  3. Breakfast

  4. Morning Welcome

  5. Making the Right Thing

    How do you determine the right thing to build? There are two ways to think of this: doing right by the people who use your product, and doing right by yourself. Your best work will be at the intersection of what the world needs and your heart believes in. This talk will cover qualitative and quantitative tools for understanding the needs of your users, and practical ways to reflect on whether your work aligns with your own internal compass.

  6. Should Designers?

    It's no longer enough to be a Photoshop master. Designers need to grow their skills in order to stay relevant and effective, but which are worth focusing on? Should designers learn to code, and, if so, can limited code knowledge really make a difference working with talented engineers? How can designers fit into Agile workflows? Does project methodology even matter anyway? What role does a designer have in creating, using, and maintaining design systems? SuperFriendly Director Dan Mall will share stories and perspectives to answer these questions and more, providing specific methodologies and techniques to help designers become even more indispensable, faster.

  7. Designing for Product Unity

    Your customers want unified product experiences. They're rooting for you to give it to them! But it's a tall order, one that often seems more mythical than practical. In this session, Cameron will demonstrate why product unity is important and how to achieve it at scale both big and small scale. You'll see examples of best practices and discover strategies that can be applied throughout the design process. Most importantly, you'll learn how to get buy-in from key stakeholders to insure what you take home from An Event Apart doesn't remain just a nice theory.

  8. The Case for Progressive Web Apps

    Is the buzz around Progressive Web Apps real or are they simply the latest fad? In this talk, you’ll learn exactly what Progressive Web Apps are, what problems they solve, and what new design challenges they present. Jason will show how organizations are using Progressive Web Apps to provide better and faster user experiences. Before the hour is up, you’ll learn how your organization can incrementally improve your site while building towards a Progressive Web App future.

  9. Style Guide Best Practices

    We’re tasked with creating experiences that look and function beautifully across a dizzying array of devices and environments. That’s a tall order in and of itself, but once you factor in other team members, clients, stakeholders, and organizational quirks, things start looking downright intimidating. With so many variables to consider, we need solid ground to stand on. Style guides are quickly proving to be foundational tools for tackling this increasingly-diverse web landscape while still maintaining your sanity. Style guides promote consistency, establish a shared vocabulary, make testing easier, and lay a future-friendly foundation. This session will detail best practices and considerations for creating and maintaining style guides, so you can set up your organization for success.

  10. Opening Night Party

    Join us at A Happy Hour Apart, to be held right outside the main auditorium. We’ll provide tasty snacks and tastier beverages to recharge your body after a full day of recharging your mind!

  1. Day 2

  2. Breakfast

  3. Attendee Check-in/Badge Pick-up

  4. Morning Welcome

  5. Design for Real Life

    We constantly stress test our work by subjecting it to a wide variety of devices, by simulating different connection speeds, and by testing it under extreme server load scenarios. But have you ever stress-tested your work for unexamined assumptions, emotional minefields, or usability in situations of extreme distraction? With a combination of real-world examples and interactive exercises, Eric will explore a number of ways to QA your work for real life, enabling it to serve more people, more of the time.

  6. New CSS Layout Meets the Real World

    In a world of evergreen, automatically updating browsers we need to change the way we think about browser support. It makes little sense to sign off on a brief mentioning target browsers when new features may become usable during the course of a project build. To be truly future friendly, we need to build with that future in mind—adding enhancements that our users’ browsers will grow into, release by release, our work getting better without us doing any more work on it. In this session, Rachel will demonstrate with practical examples how to embrace the new layout methods in CSS, without needing to cut off people who are using browsers that haven’t caught up yet, and show you how to get the best from the magic of Flexbox and Grid—without needing to lean on JavaScript and polyfills to get there.

  7. Designing with Grid

    Now that CSS Grid is here, what are we going to do with it? Sure, we can create page layouts very similar to the ones we’ve been using for the last decade, but Grid also opens up a world of new possibilities. Graphic designers of the 20th century fell in love with using grids for their layouts. How might we apply their ideas to the web, and what might have to change? What do we need to think about when designing for this new paradigm? In this far-ranging talk, Jen will explore the realities and possibilities of new layout technologies and how they will change our craft. You'll leave with exciting new techniques and ideas for your design and development toolkit—and, more importantly, with the inspiration to create bold, new, previously unimagined layouts for the 21st century.

  8. To Be Announced

    This session is still under development—stay tuned for details!

  9. The Five Meetings

    Web building techniques are always changing, but the meetings supporting that work sadly haven’t changed much at all. At the core of every meeting is a group of human brains, and against the breakneck pace of iPhone model releases those brains have not evolved in the slightest. But better meeting design for web professionals addresses this constraint. Every web design culture has a core curriculum of only five types of meeting goals: getting started, checking in, presenting and critiquing, looking back, and the mysterious “number five.” Each of the five have classic mistakes, unique opportunities, best executions, and remote work implications. Kevin will explore how each of the five meetings is an opportunity to do your best work, with plenty of examples you can start using right away.

  10. 10 Things You Can and Should Do With SVG

    You’re already aware of SVG. You already know it’s a vector image format. But how does that affect your daily life as a front end developer and designer? In this fun, compelling, and information-packed session, Chris will count down 10 things you could (and should!) be doing with SVG. It’s one of those technologies that is chock full of possibilities and benefits, yet conspicuously missing from most people’s toolbelts. Find out why it deserves a prime spot on yours.

  1. Day 3

  2. Breakfast

  3. Attendee Check-in/Badge Pick-up

  4. Morning Welcome

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The Marriott St. Louis Grand Hotel has arranged a special room rate with complimentary internet access for AEA attendees, starting at just $115/night. To get these savings, please use Marriott’s dedicated An Event Apart reservation page or call (314) 621-9600 and request the “special An Event Apart room rate.” Limited rooms are available at this rate, so don’t delay.

Located downtown, the newly redesigned Marriott St. Louis Grand Hotel retains the charm of its historical building while offering a stylish stay. The touch of transformation is introduced in the Greatroom, a place to connect with free Wi-Fi; it’s also home to Zenia Bar & Grille, offering microbrews alongside chef-crafted cuisine. Reimagined guest rooms offer simplicity with platform beds, multi-use surfaces, expandable closets, locally inspired art and spa-like bathrooms. A light-filled fitness center features the latest equipment.

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