An Event Apart San Francisco 2018

Three days of design, code, and content

Set yourself apart.

An Event Apart San Francisco is two days of sessions from 12 speakers with intense focus on digital design, UX, content, code, and more. Following the two-day conference comes a full day, A Day Apart, with a single speaker diving deeply into one important topic.

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Event Schedule

  1. Main Conference

    We're still working on the schedule (follow us on Twitter for announcements), but in the meantime we can tell you that confirmed speakers include Rachel AndrewDerek FeatherstoneAaron GustafsonVal HeadMina MarkhamGerry McGovernJen SimmonsEric MeyerJeffrey Zeldman The topics covered will include (but not be limited to!) CSS Grid, accessibility, performance, design systems, and responsive art direction.

  1. A Day Apart

    This full-day session, which includes a full breakfast and lunch, follows An Event Apart and runs on Wednesday, December 12. Register for all three days and save more than $200 off the cost of registering separately for the conference and A Day Apart. Plus, if you register before early bird ends, you'll save another $100!

  2. Breakfast

  3. Attendee Check-in/Badge Pick-up

  4. Morning Welcome

  5. Navigating The CSS Renaissance

    What we can do with CSS has greatly increased over just the past year, let alone the past five. There are production-ready features you may not be aware of, or that you haven’t yet had the time to figure out. Is Grid really ready for prime-time, or are we being sold another far-off panacaea? Have they fixed flexbox yet? What’s up with writing modes, and why are they better than just rotating elements? How can we break out of our rectangular boxes and really shake up our layouts? There are just a few of the many, many questions we can (and should) be asking ourselves.

    The good news is that there are answers to all these questions, and long-time CSS veteran Eric Meyer is here to put as many as he can to rest. Join him for a full day of exploration and excitement, including but not limited to:

    • Patterns of combining feature and media queries
    • Figuring out flex
    • Getting a grip on grid
    • Fitting and positioning objects
    • Auto margins for fun and placement
    • Shadows and borders
    • The new alignment methods and when they’ll be ready
    • Writing modes, how to use them, and when not to use them
    • Masking elements with PNG, SVG, and more
    • Shaping content to fit floats

    The concentration will primarily be on things you can use right away, without mangling layouts for half your audience. There will be some looks ahead to what’s coming next, but the main focus will be on the here and now. If you’ve been struggling to balance backwards compatibility with future friendliness, all while trying to learn a bevy of new features, this Day Apart is absolutely for you. Take a break from the hubbub of the daily grind and spend a day really coming to grips with everything CSS has in store.


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Conference Pass December 10-11, 2018 $1,100.00 through October 15

Your Conference Pass includes admission to all sessions at the two-day San Francisco conference, snacks and lunch on both days, access to all social events, and schwag.

A Day Apart Pass December 12, 2018 $600.00 through October 15

Your A Day Apart Pass includes admission to the workshop, snacks and lunch, and access to all social events.

Monday Pass December 10, 2018 $600.00 through October 15

Your Monday Pass includes admission to the first day of the three-day San Francisco conference, breakfast and lunch, and schwag.

Tuesday Pass December 11, 2018 $600.00 through October 15

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Westin St. Francis
335 Powell St San Francisco, CA 94102

The Westin St. Francis has arranged special room rates for An Event Apart attendees: just $319/night plus free in-room internet access for the duration of your stay. Use Westin’s dedicated reservations page, or call (415) 397-7000 and request the “An Event Apart special rate.” Limited rooms are available at this rate, so don’t delay.

More than just a hotel, The Westin St. Francis on Union Square has been a celebrated destination since 1904. The historic Magneta Grandfather Clock located in the landmark lobby has been a popular gathering spot for generations of travelers, white marble columns, ornate balconies and intricate woodwork transport guests back to the elegance of yesteryear. Discover the allure of the city’s most charismatic and vital setting offering the grandeur of the past, coupled with contemporary luxury and style.

Seating is limited — Register Now!