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An Event Apart: Online Together is a single-day online conference with an intense focus on digital design, UX, content, code, and more, giving you deep insights into where we are now and where things are going next. Session times will be based on the US Central (UTC-5) time zone.


  1. Day 1

  2. Hard Things About Design Systems

    Design systems are more than just components and guidelines. From working with and consulting on hundreds of design systems, Dan Mall will share stories and tips about intermediate and advanced design systems-related topics like proactive roadmapping, stakeholder sleight-of-hand, distributed design system and product teams, exploring creative communication channels, balancing conventionality and originality, and much more.

  3. The Technical Side of Design Systems

    You can have a killer style guide website, a great-looking Sketch library, and robust documentation, but if your design system isn't actually powering real software products, all that effort is for naught. At the heart of a successful design system is a collection of sturdy, robust front-end components that powers other applications' user interfaces. In this talk, Brad will cover all that's involved in establishing a technical architecture for your design system. He'll discuss front-end workshop environments, CSS architecture, implementing design tokens, popular libraries like React and Vue.js, deploying design systems, managing updates, and more. You'll come away knowing how to establish a rock-solid technical foundation for your design system.

  4. Now You See It: Understanding Display

    CSS Layout is all about boxes. We know that some boxes are blocks, and others are inline, and we can change the display type of elements by changing the value of the display property. That property holds the key to much more than this, however. It is the foundation on which all layout is built; the core of the inbuilt CSS layout system. Learning Grid Layout, or Flexbox, without understanding Display, leaves you with a wobbly foundation and more questions than answers.

    The real question isn't "Should I use Grid or Flexbox?" but instead, "How do I want these boxes to behave?" Understanding the interaction between layout methods will enable you to easily create fallbacks for older browsers, and knowing how the various formatting contexts behave unlocks margin collapsing and the behavior of items inside grid or flex layout. By the end of the hour, you'll understand how the display property underpins the layout system we have today, the things coming in the future, and be able to make more informed decisions when deciding how to build any part of your design, big or small.

  5. Inclusive Design: Thinking and Doing

    Inclusive design is a valuable process that we can use in our journey to make things more accessible for people with disabilities. This applies to all aspects of design — whether you’re designing your latest app or web site, a physical space, or even a meeting. There are some simple steps to take: first, we need to identify barriers to participation so that we can determine who has been excluded, and how they’ve been excluded in the past and present. Second, once we’ve identified those barriers, we can systematically improve our work by creating solutions that get past those barriers. And third, we can continue to learn from people with different disabilities what their needs are, and how we could continue to improve. Ultimately that all leads to creating an inclusive product that meets people’s accessibility needs AND we use an inclusive process to do it.

    In this session, Derek will share stories of success and failure as he worked with teams over the last year to engage with people with disabilities as co-designers, as well as the simple recipe for successfully creating a more inclusive design process.

  6. Animation on the Bleeding Edge

    As a community, we talk about how to animate on the web in terms of what's possible—but where is animation heading? From the intersection of health and animation with biofeedback sensors, to teaching with web technologies, to the very future of what the browser will be capable of animating, we're just getting started. In this engaging talk, Sarah will explore the latest bleeding-edge animation techniques, including native-like page transitions with client side rendering… and then will push them even further.

  7. Rich Research At A Distance

    It might seem like you’re restricted to learning about your users from analytics and surveys during social distancing, but never fear: Cyd Harrell will show you how to get all the depth of qualitative research methods while keeping yourself and your users safe. She’ll talk through what’s harder, what’s easier, and what’s just different, from recruiting to interviews to diary studies. Conducting meaningful research is even more important as our society shifts to cope with a crisis, and it takes just a little more study design work to set up a flow that keeps your participant comfortable and engaged in a remote session. Cyd will share her best conversational and technical tips from 14 years of remote research practice, and talk about ways to handle mobile interfaces, difficult topics, internet outages, and more.


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June 15, 2020


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