Kimberly Blessing

  • @obiwankimberly

Kimberly Blessing is a web developer, standards evangelist, and technical strategist. At PayPal she leads the Web Development Platform Team, which is responsible for driving the creation and adoption of standards through training and process. She is also the prime force behind KimmieCorp, a consultancy that helps clients successfully transition to optimized, standards-based markup and code.

Previously, Kimberly served as Director of Web Development at AOL, where she worked on the standards-compliant redesign of AOL.COM in 2004 and led the presentation tier work that allowed AOL to “go free” in 2005.

Kimberly is co-group lead of The Web Standards Project. She also serves on the Education Task Force and was responsible for the implementation of the site’s 2006 redesign.

In her free time, Kimberly attempts to maintain a blog and a life.

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