An Event Apart Gives Thanks

As An Event Apart closes the books on 2010, we have much to be thankful for, including the most educational and best received conference events since we launched An Event Apart on a shoestring five Christmases ago.

To thank you and the universe for five brilliant, sold-out shows in 2010, we've partnered with Network for Good to donate $5,000 to Computers for Youth (CFY), a non-profit foundation that brings computing and educational resources into the homes of children who wouldn't otherwise have these advantages.

CFY's Take IT Home program improves children's learning environment at home and strengthens the school-home connection by providing low-income families with a free computer designed as a Home Learning Center. Along with the computer, participating kids and their families benefit from family learning workshops, 24-hour technical support, educational software titles and web content, free one-year subscriptions to math and reading sites, and even reduced-rate Internet access and additional training at some locations.

After considering a number of options, we chose Computers for Youth because education is not only what we try to provide via our conferences, it is the very essence of our community. As web professionals, we are continually educating ourselves. We recognize that we can only do this because we have had the advantages of a decent education in early childhood. Not all children have equal access to this essential life experience. We support the mission of Computers for Youth, and we give thanks to all our teachers. If you feel the same, please consider making a donation to CFY or to the charity of your choice in this season of giving.

Happy Holidays, everyone!